Marin Realty Experts BLOG:
Nielsen"s Real Estate News! Q3 2019
10/15/2019 8:26 PM
In this issue, we look at what"s been happening in the Marin real estate market over the past 3 months.  There are finally some developments favorable to buyers.Prices are down 6% from the second quarter of the year, and are off by 2% from what they were in Q3 of last year. List prices are also down 4% from what they were in Q2, although they are 2...Read More
Nielsen"s Real Estate News! Sept 2019
9/24/2019 2:14 PM
In this September issue of Nielsen"s Real Estate News you can learn about what to take into account when figuring how much house you can afford, whether you can save money by purchasing a "fixer upper," the effect of a possible recession on the housing market, 10 secrets to obtaining top dollar when you sell, and much more  Read these and other art...Read More
Nielsen"s Real Estate News - August 2019
8/26/2019 5:58 PM
In this issue of Nielsen"s Real Estate News! you can learn the ins and outs of pricing a home, whether or not to buy a condo, whether to reface or replace kitchen cabinets, 5 times it doesn"t pay to file an insurance claim and much more.        And if you know someone looking for an affordable rental in Marin, check out the Sausalito studio cottage...Read More
Nielsen"s Real Estate News - May 2019
5/15/2019 12:49 PM
In this issue of Nielsen"s Real Estate News! you can read about the pros and cons of adding a personal letter when submitting an offer to buy a home. You can also learn when to call in experts besides a general home inspector.         If you"re a Seller, you can learn how not to go overboard with improvements in preparation to sell.  And you can l...Read More
The end of the over asking price wars?
1/21/2019 3:02 PM
This is the 2nd quarter in a row that offers some good news for buyers. Last quarter, for the first time in years, we saw prices drop, both for single family homes and condos. Still, sales prices averaged 2% over list prices. This quarter for the first time in recent memory, sales prices were 1% less than list prices. So it appears that the multipl...Read More
Nielsen"s Real Estate Newsletter!
12/20/2018 4:58 PM
In the December issue of my real estate newsletter you can learn about: Why it can be Good to List your Home over the Holidays How long it takes to Improve your Credit Score 13 Tips for Home Wildfire Protection How to Buy with a Low Down Payment 7 Unsettling Emotions You"ll Feel when Buying a Home 5 Surprising Things you can Negotiate 8 Home Featur...Read More
Home Prices Drop 8% in Marin
10/22/2018 1:53 PM
Good news for buyers -- in Q3 (July-Sept) the median price of both single family homes and condos that sold in Marin dropped by 8%.Also good news for buyers is that the number of Active listings increased by 17%, with the largest increase being for homes priced under $900,000.Does this mean that the bubble has burst? Probably not, since each of the...Read More
Nielsen"s Real Estate Newsletter - Aug 2018
8/14/2018 7:02 PM
In the August issue of my real estate newsletter you can learn about: House-Hunting Tips to Avoid #FacePalm Moments Your Guide to Negotiating an Offer 8 Myths All New Homeowners Fall For Interest Rate Impact What you Need to Know Before Accepting or Rejecting an Offer What Every Seller Nees to Know about Closing Before you Choose a Mortgage Lender,...Read More
Marin County Home Prices up 12 - 18%
4/12/2018 6:07 PM
Prices continued their upward trend in Q1 (Jan-Mar) with single family homes up 6% from the previous quarter and up 12% from the same quarter a year ago. Condo prices were up 5% from the previous quarter, and up 18% from a year ago. The largest increases were in some of the least expensive areas, with single family home up 21% from a year ago in No...Read More
Nielsen"s Newsletter! - March 2018
3/28/2018 8:19 PM
In the March issue of my free consumer newsletter you can learn about: How to Make an "In Case of Emergency" file 10 Safety Tips for Camping Trips 7 Easy Ways to Improve Fuel Economy Websites for Free Books Trivia Challenge: Win a Peets Giftcard Real Estate Q&A: How do I set the right price to sell my house? Simply go to http://www.MarinRealtyE...Read More